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Global PV Market 2010

Market Facts - Europe PV Markets

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PV incentive tariff policy changes are shaping market growth patterns in the region. Market growth of 169% across Europe in 2010 was led by Germany, Italy, and the Czech Republic. Each country delivered gigawatt-scale markets and, combined, represented 89% of European demand. Italy’s market share is forecast to rise from 32% in 2010 to 39% in 2015, to become the largest market in Europe, while the combined share of the two largest markets, Italy and Germany, is forecast to fall to 71% in 2015, from 80% in 2010.

Highlights from the Solarbuzz European PV Market Quarterly report

  • Growth of the Italian market in 2010 came despite installed system prices up to 33% higher than in Germany, depending on system size.
  • Even with high prices, solar PV project investment returns (IRRs) up to 20% could still be realized, a clear indicator both of the generous level of incentive tariff rates and the headroom for future tariff reductions.
  • France, Spain, Belgium, and Greece constituted a strong second-tier of markets in the 100-1000 MW-size-range in 2010. Here, forecast project Internal Rate of Returns (IRRs) will generally meet or exceed customer expectations in most major market segments in 2011.
  • However, by 2012, only in Greece will this be the case for large ground-mounted installations.
  • Smaller markets offering growth potential include: Slovakia, Bulgaria, Ukraine, and the UK.

The uncertainty over the pathway of European solar incentives, module pricing, and regulatory constraints will lead this region into a period of extreme market volatility. Business models that worked based on a limited number of high-growth European markets, twinned with high prices, will be sorely tested as this region transitions to a more fragmented market structure with considerably tighter downstream margins.

Forecast Changes to Customer Segmentation in Europe 2010 vs. 2015 Green World Scenario

Source: Solarbuzz European PV Markets Quarterly

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