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Retail Price Summary - March 2012 Update

There were 128 price moves this month, up significantly from the 75 moves in February. These 128 price moves translated to 59 increases and 69 decreases, maintaining the recent downward trend. In the previous month’s survey result, there had been 4 increases and 71 decreases. The number of price decreases has now exceeded the number of increases for nine months in a row. The relative balance between increases and decreases this month left the US retail index unchanged at $0.712 per continuous watt.

The all inverter index includes the full basket of inverters on the worldwide survey represented in US dollars and euros. The price index is based on prices per continuous watt, which is a measure of the output power of inverters. The larger the continuous wattage, the larger the power of the inverter. The mix of inverter retailers is still dominated by US retailers. Around 90% of the prices are quoted in US dollars.

Further segmentation of this data can be accessed through our consulting services.


The same calculation methodology applies to this index as the solar module index. It is based on the purchase price for a single inverter. The main difference in methodology between this index and the solar module index is that all global inverter prices are aggregated into a single index. Those aggregated products are then translated from the local currency into either US dollars or euros.

This month, the dollar’s value marginally weakened against the euro. As a consequence, the euro index was down to €0.526 per continuous watt.

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