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European PV Quarterly

After a decade of driving global solar growth, European PV markets are slowing down. Cost-conscious governments are cutting their PV incentive programs, causing slower growth and falling prices. Incentive policies are being re-balanced to favor certain application types. This leaves significant challenges ahead for European PV companies.

The new European PV Markets Quarterly provides decision-makers with information they need to build or adjust their local country market strategies. This report provides in-depth, country-level data, and analysis of Western and Eastern Europe:

  • A comprehensive analysis of European trends and outlooks in Belgium, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Spain, and United Kingdom
  • Market drivers and constraints
  • Detailed explanation of incentive policy changes and their impact on European markets
  • Project financing and downstream company activity and trends
  • Installed system pricing and PV project investment economics for different system types
  • A rolling 5-year market segment forecast for major markets
  • Updates in the smaller country markets of Austria, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Israel, Romania, Slovakia, Turkey, and Ukraine

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