North America PV Markets Quarterly

Five questions to ask the vendor before buying your next North America market research report


North American PV Quarterly

Does the report provide detailed data at a state-level?

Many reports only provide aggregate numbers at the national or regional level. Get one that has detailed data for each state where you operate.

What application segments is the data available for?

Make sure that the report provides detailed breakdowns by application segments. Meaningful segments include residential, non-residential building mount (≤100 kW), non-residential building mount (>100 kW), ground mount, off-grid, commercial, and utility.

How frequently is the data updated?

Annual updates are no longer good enough in this fast-changing PV landscape. Make sure that as a part of your purchase you are not only getting the most recent data but also quarterly updates going forward.

How robust is the data collection methodology?

In an industry like ours, sample size matters a lot. Get your research from a vendor with a reputation for robust data gathering and advanced analytics.

How comprehensive is the market coverage?

Even though you might only be interested in the North American market, get your research from a company with a global footprint. Such a company is more likely to inform you about the local implications of global changes in the supply chain.

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