UK PV Market Entry Guide: New Revenue Opportunities

An actionable guide to UK PV market revenue


UK Market Entry Guide

Available December 2012, The NPD Solarbuzz UK PV Market Entry Guide: New Revenue Opportunities provides an essential guide to growth opportunities in the UK PV market and how to maximize them.

A detailed database lists 100 of the leading companies in the downstream channels within the UK. They are ranked across a range of categories that allows companies to filter based upon their core competencies.

The report also includes a comprehensive guidebook focused on what is needed from a sales and marketing perspective to target PV revenues in the UK immediately.

Data Covered

  • Where the PV opportunities are within the UK, over the next 12 months to 5 years 
  • How the downstream supply channel works 
  • Who the key downstream players are: installers, distributors, project developers, and more 
  • How to rank these downstream players in terms of an opportunity matrix 
  • What steps should be taken – and avoided - to maximize PV-based revenue opportunities within the UK market 

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