United States Deal Tracker

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US Deal Tracker

The United States Deal Tracker provides a national database of over 3100 non-residential and utility PV projects across the United States. The data includes over 2900 system owner (or host) names and 2600 installers/project developers in over 2900 cities/counties.

This report will benefit all companies involved in US PV projects, from installers, to racking companies to electrical contractors. Projects can be tracked by 50 parameters, including the following:

  • inverter and racking details
  • end-user or host name
  • installer project developer
  • power purchase agreement provider
  • system size
  • market segment
  • city and state

The database also includes valuable installed-pricing data.

Combining the list of projects installed and projects at the planning stage, users of the database can target new opportunities or identify existing prospects for repeat business.

For planned projects, the detailed list of installers, project developers and Requests-For-Proposals allows companies to engage in potential supply-contracts for modules and balance of systems components, or to initiate direct involvement in the project itself.

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