Solarbuzz Quarterly

Solarbuzz was acquired by IHS in 2014. The combined data and analysis from Solarbuzz and IHS has now been integrated into enhanced product offerings. The most up-to-date description of this product is available on the IHS Technology website.

End-to-end coverage of the dynamic solar industry

This report addresses the current status of global supply/demand balance and provides a 5-year demand forecast segmentation based on major geographical regions. Industry data is provided quarterly for capacity, production, shipments, inventories, and end market demand. The report analyzes the impact of the most recent PV incentive policy changes on future demand. Capacity utilization is reviewed through the whole crystalline PV chain and also addresses thin film supply. 

Data Covered:

  • Segmented 5-year demand forecast
  • Global supply/demand balance
  • Regional demand (including major country markets)
  • Leading company shipment data
  • Inventory levels (upstream / downstream)
  • Changes in PV policies impacting PV demand
  • Capacity utilization for polysilicon, wafer, and cells
  • Manufacturing costs
  • Polysilicon, wafer, cell, module and downstream gross margins
  • Factory gate prices (polysilicon, wafer, cell, and module)
  • Corporate results for publicly traded companies

Key Questions Answered

  • What shifts are anticipated in supply/demand balance?
  • What market shifts will cause adjustments in production and shipment plans?
  • How will the most recent policy adjustments affect global demand?
  • What are anticipated changes in pricing?
  • What is the competition’s status? 

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