Solar Project Database - UK Deal Tracker

Gain access to more than 1000 PV projects over 250 KW in the UK

A first in the industry, the UK Deal Tracker report offers comprehensive database coverage of downstream project activity in key end-markets in the UK. This monthly report provides a detailed listing of more than 1000 PV projects (250 KW and larger), both completed and planned.

Decision makers throughout the solar PV supply chain can subscribe to the UK Deal Tracker to monitor projects by installer, project developer, market segment, city, country, installation type, and other important criteria.

The completion status of all pipeline projects are tracked across various stages, from pre-planning to application approval, to projects currently being installed. This allows projects currently at ‘shovel-ready’ status to be monitored in real time.

Identify new opportunities based on

  • Upcoming projects that need partners or suppliers
  • Projects that have just been awarded application approval
  • Recently completed projects for potential follow-up business opportunities
  • Delayed or terminated projects for opportunities to complete or revise them

Data Covered

A detailed listing of UK solar projects (250 KW and larger) completed or planned since 2000, with a pipeline of more than 5 GW planned for completion over the next two years.

A robust pivot table and an Excel database provide details on every listed project:

  • Installer
  • Project developer
  • Name of System Owner or Host
  • Market Segment
  • City
  • County, including England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland
  • Post code
  • Type of installation (roof mount, ground, fixed, tracking)
  • Watt Peak DC
  • Installation year(s) and quarters
  • Project Status (Pending, Pre-planning, Planned, Planned-Approved, Being Installed, Completed, Withdrawn, and Terminated)

Key Questions Answered

  • Who are the most promising commercial and government customers based on recent completed and upcoming projects?
  • Which types of projects (system size, roof or ground, fixed versus tracking) are the most common for each location and customer?
  • Which financiers are active in this market? What types of projects do they support?
  • Which companies have recently entered into new installer/project developer alliances?
  • Which installers and project developers should you contact for module supply?
  • How can you ensure that module specs are configured to meet upcoming RFP requirements and current trends for end-market segments and applications?

Delivery Schedule

The first week of each month


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