UK PV Market Entry Guide: New Revenue Opportunities

An actionable guide to the UK PV market

The Solarbuzz UK PV Market Entry Guide: New Revenue Opportunities provides a view into growth opportunities in the UK PV market and how to maximize them. The detailed database lists 100 of the leading companies in the downstream channels within the UK. They are ranked across a range of categories that will allow companies to filter based upon their core competencies. The report also includes a comprehensive guide from a sales and marketing perspective on generating revenues in the UK immediately, as well as where resources should not be allocated.

  • Identify immediate revenue potential in UK market
  • Fully understand downstream PV channels in the UK and where the key opportunities are
  • Understand the risks and opportunities associated with 100 downstream PV companies in the UK
  • Identify long-term partners
  • Access all necessary data in order to formulate an informed strategy for UK market entry

Data Covered

  • Where the opportunities will be in the next 12 months to 5 years 
  • What needs to happen for clients to maximize opportunities
  • How much is needed in terms of module supply, project development, and more
  • How the downstream supply channel works
  • Who the key downstream players are: installers, distributors, project developers, and more
  • How to rank these downstream players in terms of opportunity matrix

Key Questions Answered

  • What are the revenue opportunities in the UK, and how can they be maximized?
  • Who should be contacted?
  • What is the UK PV market competitive landscape?
  • What are the customer business profiles?

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