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Information is our currency: knowledge is how we make it more valuable.

Our clients look to Solarbuzz for objective information and market insights within the global solar PV industry. Market participants frequently engage with us when seeking to expand their market share. New entrants to the industry often call us for guidance on ramping up operations, or to obtain the necessary market intelligence needed to secure funding. Governments consult us when developing solar energy programs and policies. Whether starting a new manufacturing facility, introducing next-generation technologies, or analyzing PV market demand and forecasts to guide strategic corporate planning, Solarbuzz provides clients with the most timely and valuable market intelligence to assist these key decision-making processes.

To best understand custom consulting requirements, Solarbuzz undertakes a comprehensive proposal review process directly with the client. This process typically includes the following steps:

  • Your key requirements are discussed, understood and fully documented by Solarbuzz.
  • Your specific needs are then reviewed internally with the appropriate Solarbuzz industry analysts or analyst teams.
  • We evaluate our comprehensive industry database and existing research intelligence to assess if the analysis you require already exists, either fully or partially.
  • We ensure that our team of analysts is correctly equipped with the appropriate expertise, or can secure any new intelligence or research required to fully complete the deliverables.
  • We engage with you directly with any additional questions or suggestions to enhance the scope of your requirements.
  • You receive a detailed proposal that includes a full description of the project and deliverables, as well as a cost breakdown and the time frame required to complete the project work.

Our clients look to us for projects of all sizes, including focused customized reports, comprehensive market or technology assessments, and strategic market-entry proposals.

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